So another season is upon us…one more St. Louis summer under our belts as we bid a fond adieu to the humidity and greet the brisk fall air. The clouds were kind enough to give us enough rain so we can watch the trees slowly change from a deep green, to amber, then to bright orange and after they are kissed with red, they fall to the ground so that we can rake them into what will become a crisp playground for my family to enjoy together outside. I love fall. I love that I can whisper on the wind and have it carried to who knows where, I can say anything I want and the breeze whisks it away just like the last fallen leaf. Along with the change in the seasons come changes in our lives. More missing teeth and visits from the tooth fairy, learning long division, baby is going to take her first steps and have her first birthday, we are moving into our new home, our marriage is strong and our love is good. I am thankful for my life and all the seasons and that I am here breathing the changes. Life is good.