Pay It Forward

Greetings everyone!  It’s official.  Master Leroy Woodcock has adorned his holiday attire and the peeps in our household are prepping for holiday cheer and shit.

It is the season for giving.  You should always give, but this is the time of year when people kinda expect you to.  I think we should try to  be good to everyone all the time.  Let’s try something.  Do a good deed today.  No matter how big or small.

If you are looking for a worthwhile way to donate money this year, please consider donating money to a wounded Marine.   After all, he/she dedicated his/her life to protect your freedom, the least you can do is give a little back.  If you are interested, you must fill out a donation form and you can even send your donation in a holiday card.


Go to this website to fill out this form:


Then mail it to this address:

Wounded Warrior Regiment Charitable Giving
Bldg. 1998
1998 Hill Avenue
MCB Quantico, VA 22134


This is a nice way to thank a veteran for their service, and show that you appreciate their sacrifice in the name of your freedom.


If that’s not your cup of tea, it’s a simple as going to Google(R) and typing in a subject that is near and dear to your heart, then going to their website.  It took me only a few minutes to gather the info for these charitable organizations:

Red Cross Donation:

St. Jude’s Hospital Donation:

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research Donation:

Livestrong Cancer Research Donation:

Shriner’s Hospital for Children Donation:

The Women’s Safe House Donation:

Anti-Bullying Donation:


Not everyone can afford to make a monetary donation.  I understand that, times are tough and these kids of ours expect gifts and food…so not everyone has extra cash to give.  Good news!!  There are also free/extremely cheap ways to donate.  You can volunteer or just be kind, that’s free!  I am not sure what I will do today, maybe drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket to one of the bell ringers?  I don’t know.  The other day I was shopping at ALDI and instead of putting my cart back in the cart corral to get my quarter back, I just gave it to the next person.  Not a big deal, but maybe it planted a seed of kindness in someone who would pay it forward to the next person and so on.  For I all I know, she just plugged the cart in when she was done and got a quarter, but she knows a stranger did a small little something nice for her.  And it only cost me $.25.  For those of you who are not familiar with ALDI or Trader Joe’s…they don’t hire the people who go out and retrieve carts from the parking lot.  They save money by attaching a device to the cart that connects it to the next cart, to the next cart, to the next cart…and you can release the cart by inserting a quarter into a slot.  Then, the device unlocks and you can use the cart for your grocery shopping.  To encourage you to return the cart to the chain of carts from whence it came, you go back and insert the metal tab from the next cart into your cart, and poof!  Your quarter comes back out.


In case I didn’t explain it well enough…check it out:


My point is, it only cost me $.25 to do a tiny favor for a person.  If you can afford it, donate your clothes from last winter to goodwill or to a friend in need of clothing.  I recently received a very generous donation of clothing from my friend, she gave my youngest daughter SEVEN full trash bags of clothes, so I cleaned out my daughter’s closet and donated 2 full bags of clothing to a friend’s daughter and 2 more trash bags to another friend’s daughter.  Pay it forward.  Kindness is free.  I always try to think that you get out of life what you put into it.  If you are rude to a person, they might be rude to the next person they encounter, then that person will be rude, and so on and so on…but if you are kind, you can literally change a person’s day, then they will do the same to the next person, and so on…


Give a little, Gain much more!






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