Spread Cheer

I want to see how many people will try a social experiment tomorrow.  Let’s all try to be aware of the mood we put  out with our words, and in what we say to others through social media postings;  and not bitch (for one day) about things we can’t change.  One of the most obvious things is the weather.  Nothing peeves me more than people who seemingly go out of their way to gripe about nature.  Shit’s sake dude…the weather is out of your control.  You are wasting my time and yours with your senseless drivel about what the sky is doing outside.  You are not accomplishing anything.  Try and find something positive to say or just be quiet.  People don’t want to hear other people gripe about obvious stuff.  It’s not like you are going to get a response like, “Thanks for the heads up about the weather, I don’t have any windows so I was wondering what those thunderous claps of sound and flashes of light were right before my electricity went out.”  It brings people down to hear/read people bitch about stupid stuff.  Why do people do it?  I don’t know, maybe they feel like everyone is sitting around in anticipation of their take on the day so far, and so they hurry out to their social media page to post ANYTHING, even if it is negative.  I suggest finding something positive to say about anything you are posting.  For instance, if it’s raining you could say something like…”I was hoping it would hail today because dimples are cute…especially on the hood of my car.”  See?  That’s a funny way to bitch about the craptastic weather happening to all of us and make someone smile.


Most of the time I feel like hammered cat ass.  In fact I can’t remember a day when I truthfully stated, “I feel really good today!”  But you won’t ever hear me say it.  When you ask me how I am I say “Awesome!”  Or “SO GOOD!”  or “Fantastic!”  or “Super!”  or something equally obnoxious.  Even if you know I am full of shit, it makes you smile to hear it.  Try it tomorrow at work.  (I do it at work all the time!)  You will see, I am right.  It will catch people off guard when you say it enthusiastically but they will smile, even if it’s just for a second.  Negativity begets negativity.  Same goes for positivity.  I admit I have been a Debbie Downer many times, I am not saying I am not guilty.  But for the most part I like to make people feel happy, even if it’s just for one second of the day.  Try it.  You will see that a little bit of it goes a long way.


My friends and family can attest that I end nearly every phone conversation with “You have a good day and shit.”  You know, because I care and whatnot.


This will be fun.  If you have any positive feedback from it, carry it forward and do it for more than just one day.  If anyone asks you why you said it tell them Padinkydink told me to.  Or tell them you are off your meds, then do a cartwheel and go back to your desk.


Love  this life.  It’s the only one you get.

<3 Padinkydink



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