Traditions – Part Deux

I would like to say that I am a person that says what she feels and never makes apologies, but DAMN.  If I offended anyone’s religious beliefs with my post about religions it was not my intent.  I have mad respect for all religions.  I grew up in a Baptist church.  I memorized a bible verse every week from the age of 5 until probably 14.  I went to church camp every summer from the age of 8 to 14.  I was in a youth group at church, I went to church lock-ins. I was Baptized at the age of 9.  I don’t rant about things that I am unfamiliar with.  I take every opportunity I have to gain knowledge about other religions.  I have attended a Lutheran church, Pentecostal church, nearly married a Catholic, so I not only attended Catholic church, but attended a premarital workshop (still have the disturbing workbook from that hot mess) and I read about everything from Buddhism, Scientology, Muslim…you name it.  My thirst for knowledge in the realm of theology remains unsatisfied , but I still love to learn about any and all religions and their traditions.  Trust me, you don’t wanna get me going on a rant about some of the things I find to be scary/asinine/ridiculous about many cultural ceremonies.


When I stated that my family celebrates Christmas but we don’t believe in the reason for the season, I caught a moderate amount of flack.  The thing is, I am one of many who have unplugged from the religious background from whence I came.  I am, however, one of the brave few who openly admit it.  I am not “Breaking Amish” up in here by any means.  I am normal.  I grew up with presents in December, and so will my children.  I and my husband have separated ourselves from the religious aspect of the tradition.  We respectfully celebrate the holiday season with the rest of our entire family who still bow their heads in prayer at every meal.  We hold hands with them, bow our heads, and say amen at the end of the prayer.  My kids are taught to learn as much as they can about as many religions as they can and then they can decide what makes the most sense to them.  I have a library of books in my home and access to media where they can read an learn about religion or lack thereof.  I have an open door policy when it comes to questions about faith.  If you want to come to me and tell me that you are raising your child in church and then you are going to let them decide what they want to believe when they grow up then you are kidding yourself.  Unless you are taking your child to a Jewish temple, a Catholic Mass, Baptist/Pentecostal/Methodist sermon, etc. then you, my friend are NOT letting your child choose.  You are giving them one choice.  So please don’t climb inside my ass and set up camp about my beliefs and how I raise my (by the way gifted, very well-mannered respectful) children.


Thank you and have a super day and shit.






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