Trash TV

There’s a reality show on TV for everything.  I shouldn’t watch most of the crap I watch but insomnia’s a bitch and I get sucked in to some of the freakiest programming.  Here are  a few highlights from something that has caught my attention recently.


Extreme Cheapskates

Holy crap.  I will never bitch at my husband for being cheap again.  Here’s a quick comparison of my husband and the people on the show:


Hubbs:  wants to cut our dining out budget to once a week.


Cheapskates:  Guy takes his wife on their anniversary date and brings his own styrofoam container, goes around to every table in the restaurant and asks people for their table scraps.  He presents her with her gifts (that he procured from a dumpster earlier that day) to include some wilted flowers and a teapot.


Hubbs:   Takes his lunch to work every day to save money.  Doesn’t want to pay for school lunches because the kids need to make their own lunches.


Cheapskates:  A guy on this show took his family out to their once-a-year dinner to a Chinese buffet and paid with a great big bag of change. He had 6 people in his party, and only paid for 3 plates.


Hubbs:  Makes his own laundry detergent (it’s actually not half bad)


Cheapskates:  One guy wears his clothes in the shower, then collects the used water in a bucket, at the end of the week he pours the water in the toilet so it will automatically flush all the dumps he has taken throughout the week.


Me and my husband grew up in much different living conditions than we live in now.  We have worked to have all the things we have and we will continue to do so in order to give our children more than we had.  However, there are certain lines you DO NOT CROSS.  For example, I don’t care what happens, there will always be room in our budget for toilet paper.  One of the chicks on the show has baskets by the toilet where she keeps washcloths to wipe with after her family does their business.  Even if you buy Charmin (which I do) and you have a family of 5 (which I do) Toilet paper does not break the bank.  I think we spend $20 on it per month, and it’s worth every penny to not have shit-stained washcloths with lingering poo smell in our house.


Another chick on the show dumpster-dives for food.  I get dumpster diving for furniture or other stuff you might see on the side of the road with a sign that says “FREE”.  That’s cool.  However, food?  Really?  Have you ever had giardia?  I have.  It’s an intestinal parasite.  When you eat food from the garbage, there isn’t a note on it that tells why it’s been thrown away.  What if someone got fired that day for sneezing all over all the food?  UGH.  Dude.  Get some coupons and save money that way, don’t eat food out of the trash!


No joke people, there are many ways to save money, but eating garbage and wearing your clothes in the shower don’t make you frugal, they make you a freakhole.  Take your lunch to work, drive an economy car, or carpool.  Save water by turning off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth, cut down your time in the shower…shop at Aldi…but for the love of all things holy be reasonable.  Watching this show has mos def put things in perspective for me.  I am trying to be more aware of spending.  Whoops…gotta go it’s my turn to use the toothbrush.  KIDDING!


Now I am having a difficult time finishing this entry because I am currently sucked into “Breaking Amish”.  Maybe that will be my next blog…


Stay cheap,









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